Paint in from the rain

18°C, rain

Rain: it’s turning into a washout, there is a break in the gloom forecast for tomorrow so I am probably shooting over to Wales to do a few peaks while I can. It’s a desperate chance to make use of that new tent & test myself to some extent too.
Starting some painting after a week’s wind-down. It’s been a few months and I have only finished two pictures this year. Another one had to be painted over this week because it simply wasn’t working. the picture is really rough right now, it has a layer of swirly loose turps oil that is vaguely starting to form an image- I love pictures at this stage. Would it that there were some way of freezing them as an image at this stage so they made a legitimate image.
It’s torrential now & the ladies haven’t been out, probably later though.

If the drops make bubbles, then the rain is heavy- I would say.

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