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The ides of March.

14°C, cloudless sky and light wine. ​ A fine spring day. Large numbers of plants have burst into bloom this week. Warm weather has sped them on and I’ve seen the first bumble bees.

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Brown-field site.

12°C, dry with white cloud and weak easterly. I love this time of year. My fascination for the inner city wasteland is greatest now until June. Here is the first shoots of artimesia absinthium, (or is it vulgaris). This plant … Continue reading

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One more mile.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 58.3mi, time: 03:37:10, pace: 3:43min/mi, speed: 16.2mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/913645993 Spring ride no.1: and it was a good one. With the summer wheels fitted and fresh brake blocks, the bike was ready. And, so was I. … Continue reading

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New season.

Cycling, Distance: 63.23mi, time: 04:25:43, speed: 14.3mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/535495432 First ride on the racing bike this year. It’s running as I left it, apart from new cables and bar tape. Though this tape looks all “retro”, it’s rather slippery compared to … Continue reading

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Burnt Magnolia.

6C, cold day with hard frost. Poor magnolia was burnt by the hard frost on Tuesday morning. Cold weather waited for spring before visiting us. This is quite an early flowering variety, so it’s vulnerable really. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from a … Continue reading

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7°C, no wind, clear. Spring is just starting, ontime for the first of March. The garden is coming alive, and I have over 100 bulbs for a more colourful summer. After a decade, I cleared the lockup (where I keep … Continue reading

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Horsetail verdentification.

18°C, clear. A decaying school near home. I dropped in today for a gander. There used to be a lot of work done on their garden, lots of fine plants surrounded by clambering wild plants. One cracked and mossy concrete … Continue reading

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70 miles again.

14-18°C, clear, no wind. To repeat last weekend, rode 70 miles late a slightly better pace and far more comfortably. The saddle didn’t tilt this time. That careful work with a jewelry file on the ferrule worked as intended. Picture … Continue reading

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Week off.

14C, lighter wind. I need a holiday. With a week off, this empty feeling should recede. A week is not enough to get everything done- domestic re-arrangements, hiking, visiting, (not least) marking. Anyway, I have been to a wedding. Of … Continue reading

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Bank holiday.

12°C, getting warmer. Not my favourite choice this weekend, you can guess what I want to do. What I have to do is all domestic. For each of the last few years, Mayday has seen me camped in Wales, in between … Continue reading

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