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What a start to a valuable holiday.

18°C, bright sun. Holidays are precious, I hate to loose any of them. This one has started with a cold in my head. At least it could be over reasonably quickly. A term-time cold can often last more than two … Continue reading

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Thump thump.

Sunday.16°C white cloud, no wind and dry. Thumping heart, sore throat and low energy. The first cold of the new academic year has come early this time. Last year, I was clear until after mid-winter. This means no cycling and … Continue reading

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Cold, come out!

12°C westerly. It’s touch & go whether I can ride in when I feel like this. Can your immune system fight a cold in the background or does it have to blow out with a full snotty headcold? Maybe an … Continue reading

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Is it happening again?

8°C, clear Jupiter and Venus blaze in the evening skies recently. They’re near to conjunction and are still striking to anyone who looks westwards. I have a sticky throat. I shall be so annoyed of this develops into another cold. … Continue reading

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If you’re ill below the neck- don’t ride!

-4 to +1°C Every year I am troubled by the same decision- when should I start riding again after a cold. Every year I am hit by a two week common cold and left resenting the lost time. There are … Continue reading

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Harold Budd/The Necks

10ºC, dry, getting windy Gig in Stan’s Cafe Birmingham, – both ambient music, in an interesting venue- a metal pressing factory conversion in the Jewelery Quater, Birmingham. There wasn’t a great deal of conversion made to the buliding, it was clean … Continue reading

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9°C, rain Got myself a good old fashioned cold. The sort of throat bunging body acher that seems overdue in this long term. We’ve had a very dry autumn, perhaps the new damp air has woken the bugs.

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here we go

15°C, cloudy with slow rain. What is this- a cold? Maybe, that slow feeling is visiting, a cold could come or maybe it’s all nothing.

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