7C, hail showers, sun too.
Started cutting the cherry tree. It’s sad to do this to a beautiful tree but it’s growing into telephone wires and I don’t want to be liable.
Since its quite a big job, I have only cut the branches that affect the wires today If there’s time tomorrow, I will finish the rest. My main hope is that it doesn’t kill the tree.

My camellia appears to be using last year’s calendar.


Single camellia in February.

It’s a buzz to work in the garden all day. Dodging the hail showers was not troublesome and I got a good workout chopping logs.


7°C, no wind, clear.
Spring is just starting, ontime for the first of March. The garden is coming alive, and I have over 100 bulbs for a more colourful summer.


After a decade, I cleared the lockup (where I keep the bikes) in three corners was evidence of mouse nest building, they must have collected seeds from the bird feeder. To make themselves comfey, they made beds of dry moss.

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