STOP 0x000000IE

8°C, Windy, but milder

STOP NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM at NTOSKRNL.exe: I have a poorly computer. In the week I changed the RAM but not soon enough, one crash caused by it has scrambled the anti-virus’ database so it won’t run. It won’t uninstall either, nor does the update patch work. Looks like a re-install of windows is the only resort.
Nevermind, at least I have had more success with the other PC, the Chernobyl scenery is substantially done. The main site of the accident is done, so now my attention turns to the town of Pripyat, and possibly the famous Ferris-wheel.

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2 Responses to STOP 0x000000IE

  1. Rangingwarr says:

    hey, that looks nice… where can i get it, or can you send me a copy… if you are waiting till you get done to release it i would apreciate it if you contact me at when you are finished with it. i just got done with a flight up there to see if i could see anything and was pissed to see that microsoft didnt even put the freaking cooling pond!


  2. Mike d. says:

    nearly ready, I’m thinking of releasing a version 1 followed by an
    upgrade later this spring. the Cooling pond was the first thing I put in, but the Pripyat River was origonaly terrible, it was just a series of ponds that didn’t even connect. The general level of detail is quite por in Russia ( et al)Perhaps you’d like to beta test it for me? See if I’ve missed anything.


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