On Murakami

13°C, windy, cool and fresh. C 53 miles

Book: "Norwegian Wood", by Haruki Murakami
There is a lovely line in the book I am reading currently ("Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami.) He uses a simple language that is all the more powerful for it:

"Something inside me dropped away, and nothing came to fill the empty cavern. There was an abnormal lightness in my body, and sounds had a hollow echo to them."
…..Know that feeling?

I’m currently quite charmed by this book, it’s full of appealing characters and observations.
Today has been a relief, my heartbeat has dropped back to normal, (probably in the high 40s), so cycling was worry free. The air was fresh, sweet smelling and clear. All of this because my physical health has returned after long stubborn colds. I rode 53 miles today with no perceptible signs of tiredness, perhaps another 10 or 15 miles wouldn’t have gone amiss.
However, I failed to change a wheel on the car this weekend. It is getting close to the mark.

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