Dirty dogs

13°C, bright& dry.

Chase: the dogs are so filthy and smelly after a romp on the chase, that it will have to happen less often. There is now mud in the kitchen where they are drying off. Never-the-less I’d still like to do that walk in the forest in darkness soon. Better do it soon, the moon is nearing last quarter this week- it would be good to have at least some light.

Painting: started a new one today. No, I started a new one three times today, each one got wiped off with a spirit soaked rag and done again. The problem was getting enough space around the figure- the scale was all wrong. This evening left enough time to build up the next layer on the third go but, I’m holding off until I am certain. Then more layers will be added, and tone, light and temperature be thought through. This picture includes cold shadows which need careful balancing.

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