12°C, rain.

Lyrics: Kristin Hersh is probably the musician that I listen to most this autumn. They are delivered as if spoken to a specific person; such a powerful device. Some lines could be written directly to me; so beguiling.
Tuesday Night :
When you sleep you tell me off I told you once before I can’t resist you When I sleep I build you up I make you king of here I can’t resist you I can’t wait…I’ll suck down another water while I wait I watch the clock turn blue  and think of you while I wait  I can’t wait the moon shines through my dress  and through my glass I promise not to drink until you’re home I can’t wait… the moon pales even when  I think it holds the face  of the clock I watch for you  While I wait
I can’t wait…

Me And My Charms :
You can come back when you want  just know that I’ll be here I haven’t left this step  and when the lights go out  I pick the angel up
I only have two hands…  she here? is she here right now? drive her off;  don’t bother to call I’m checking out today  me and my charms 
when I kiss the angel  I have a taste of you  when I take the angel  I have a piece  you can come back I haven’t left you yet  and when the lights go out I pick the angel up  I only have two left feet  all I have in my hands  me and my charms when I kiss the angel I have a taste of me and my charms down on the ground you can’t leave me now I haven’t left you yet
I want to hear more….

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