Goldring 1042.

New stylus after many many years. I’ve lost track of how long. When LP was my main source I always had a good idea how much life was left, but not in recent times. Anyway, after many years, I got a replacement and upgrade at the same time.

Goldring 1042

From the word go, it sounds much better. The treble has much more going on and with sweeter clarity. The change is significant.

I have most of the previous used stylii in a box. Many have the date or length of time used written on. The shorted was just over a year in 18 months to a few years looks like an average. The op me I’ve just taken off, though, must have been there well over ten years.

Since I play CDs more, my next step is a CD player upgrade. I’m hoping it will bring up the quality up to match the LP12 Sondek.

It’s settling in now after only a few days. The rest of my new gear is waiting for their role. Currently, I’m puzzling over the best way to layout the various boxes. There’s enough suitable shelf space and all the leads and cables are ready.

  • Cyrus CDt (CD transport)
  • Cyrus DAC X (DAC and preamp),
  • Cyrus Mono-X (two power amps)
  • Cyrus Two (for MM/MC head amp duty), this also serves as extra inputs like radio and Bluetooth.

Due in the next few days are a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.4 floor standing speakers. I had the demo on Monday and the fizzy feeling made the choice.

Assembling the system is methodical. I want to test each bit to understand where the improvements come from. For example; I have the CDt running the old Dacmagic but can’t hear any magic. The idea of buying this kit is to close the gap where the CD is trailing behind LP playback.

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