Greenfly and greenpollen


The air is full of pollen, the car is covered in a powdery dust. Even the weather forecasters have been showing off satellite photos of the cloud of pollen blowing over from Holland & the low countries.
Yesterday I gave a lift to a Greenfly from Shire Oak to near home. It enjoyed the best seat – on the rim of my glasses.

Linseed: Almost finished, it only needs about 15 minutes, miostly on the right hand & elbow.
This update skips a day, but still there is onl;y about an hour’s work since the last photo.
what next…

4 thoughts on “Greenfly and greenpollen

  1. Ooh- msn.spaces has a grammar/spell checker!
    I needed one that’s for sure.
    Thinks about the list: how about "favourite sandwich fillings", or nice places to eat outside.


  2. Do you think the greenfly would appreciate knowing your favourite sandwich filling or nice places to eat, in your opinion? And how would it be able to read the list? Answers are needed…


  3. Ok then, I could trawl around the msn spaces for a list, you know the sort of thing:.What Time is it now? 8.02pm
    2.What is your full name? *cough* : 
    4.What does your name mean? Haven’t the foggiest, it’s a name
    5.Who picked out your name?i dunno apparantley its *adopts pretnetious posh voice* biblical  *sniggers* me biblical
    6.What’s your nickname? Libertines, sarcastic little cow, goblin, bethylina
    8.What colour are your eyes? brown
    10.What size are your shoes? 7/8
    12.How tall (or short) are you? Dunno but im taller than my mum!!! I’ve been waiting for that moment for far to long now
    13.What do you like about yourself? my wit of course well sarcasm mainly and my eyes
    14.What do you always get complimented on?  hmmmm funny, my eyes again I spose
    But then again, that greenfly has probably had several hundred children now and died of old age.


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