Epson 830u

14°C cloudy

Unreliable printer: in one last desperate attempt to get this infuriating printer to work, I’ve ordered a set of cleaning heads. The cleaning routine doesn’t work at al now, in the past it has needed 6, 8 or even a dozen runs to get rid of the white streaks in the page. Usually it still has streaks in the printout up to time the self-clean routine has been run so many times that the ink cartridge has emptied. There are plenty of references to this problem on line, so it’s not just me.
Hope isn’t all lost yet though: here is an interesting tip


Try the Windex trick… I tried it on my Epson Stylus Photo 890 and it worked great:

1. Open up the printer cover.
2. Get the print head into the center: you can do that by starting the cycle to change the ink cartridge.
3. Now, turn the printer off (with the catridges unseated in the centre) from the mains (to prevent the printer from automatically returning the heads before power-down).
4. Look to the area where the printer head usually sits when it is not printing (it’s on the right hand side on my 890). There should be a pad/sponge there.
5. Using a dropper, transfer 6-7 drops of Windex cleaning solution (those blue ammonia liquid that they use for cleaning windows) onto the pad/sponge. Try not to touch the sponge (according to some websites, this sponge is spring mounted and touching it may damage the springs). Try not to overspill the Windex solution as well.
6. Turn the printer on again so that the print heads are reseated onto the pad/sponge.
7. Now turn off the printer the usual way (the printer will reseat the print head properly before power down).
8. Leave the print head to take up the Windex for 1-2 hrs.
9. Do the usually print cleaning cycles/nozzle check.
10. Your printhead should be unclogged by now.

For the really stubborn clogs, you might want to leave the print head overnight for soaking in Windex.

Finally a more detailed suggestion is here: InkjetArt
Who knows what Windex is, but there is a bottle of cleaning solution up in the cupboard there *points*.
 Printers at work are quite exaspirating too.
Anyway it’s Sunday, so time to get the bike out and ride off….

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