The uncanny valley

22°C, milky, warm v. humid.

The heat is building, hot is coming here next week
Stay in, relax, read and do some computer graphics. Here is a figure rendered with a normal map, and global illumination.I don’t do that much rendering these day, mostly building objects for the flight sim.Can you guess what a small nuance of a passing thought was when this came out?

MJ RIP: no, it’s never going to happen. Michael Jackson will never be allowed to rest in peace. There will be an endless cycle of conspiracy theories, legal wranglings, court cases, re-issues, writs, biographies, films, documentaries and autopsies. The media will canonise him; in the way that Elvis, Diana, Marc Bolan, Lennon, ML King, the list is long, but perhaps a list of names at surprisingly even intervals in time.

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