12°C, rain.

"Like full-on rain innit": Mid-summer’s day, and little chance of seeing the sun today.
Brakspear: one of the most bitter drinks I can recall. Remarkable, none of that slightly sour after-taste that some beers can leave; as bitter as Rocket (the lettuce leaf). Bitterness can be so refreshing.
River Angara: just about ready for upload, final Beta testing right now. I hope the slightly ridged join doesn’t show up when the river meets the R. Yenitsey. I’m inlcuding a flight plan file with this one so those unfamiliar with Russia can find it. Apparently, this missing section of river mas missing in FS9 as well as FS10. How did that go unnoticed? It’s en-route from Irkutsk/Bratsk to the Tunguska Event site.
Any suggestions what I could put in to mark that meteor impact site? Remember the object was an air-burst, so there is no crater.

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