14°C, sun, humidity.

Video: we’ve hatched a great idea at work ( or at least I like it!). Carl has a head mounted video camera, we can use it to make a video of the 3~peaks challenge. We’re carrying on the fund-raising after the event which would get some support if these is a flashy video to view, put on the plasma screen. By Flashy I mean it can be embedded into Flash and played in a Flash-componant player via a web-page.
Computer bits bought online: today the new case finally arrived. After visiting the Post Office 3 times, it’s finally here. Opening the huge and heavy box, 9 little shards of black plastic fell out.
Weight loss: only 14 stone now, hell-bells- where has it gone? Less joint stress for the climbs I suppose. I don’t like loosing weight though.

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