The rabbit that played ch1cken

17°C,cloudy & more wind

Riding home: there was a rabbit in the road. A busy "A" road with rush-hour traffic. Something made me stop to save that rabbit. It took 30ft of braking to stop then put my bike down before running back. As I approached it- the little bunny hopped away- Is "hopping" the best word, it sounds like something you do if you only have one leg, not four.
Anyway,  I got it to hop to the verge so that  I could get back to my bike. But as I went, it hopped back into the road again. After shoo-ing it again, it "boinged" over to the other side of the road – then dove under by lying bike for shelter from the silly bloke wearing shorts and a lycra shirt.
What should I have done at this point? Carry on the rabbit’s game, possibly getting in the way of the cars myself? Or should I have done what I actually did do?
I grabbed the little rabbit & threw it over the hedge into long grass in a farmer’s field. There were quite a few cars stopping by now, and that meant I probably looked quite comical.
Some treacher’s I know stopped and asked if I’m alright- I told them I had just thrown a rabbit over a hedge.

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