seven seconds

16°C, fresh.

Animating/rendering : got 7 sec so far. Using Premier as a kind of storyboard, so I plan to improvise scenes as I go along. May as well do a take-off sequence…
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4 Responses to seven seconds

  1. dawn says:

    wats a take off sequence ?


  2. dawn says:

    If one sees nought when staring into space;if with the mind one then observes the mind,one destroys distinstions and reachesbuddhahood.The clouds that wander through the sky have noroots, no home; nor do the distinctive thoughtsfloating through the mind.Once the self-mind is seen, discrimination stops.In space shapes and colors form, but neither by black nor white is space tinged. From the self-mind all things emerge, the mind by virtues and by vices is not stained.


  3. Mike d. says:

    It’s a video I am making using animation software showing a long lost aeroplane. Taking-off down the runway is possibly the most complicated thing they do in terms of animation.


  4. dawn says:

    o, i dont understandbut hahahahaaa..:-)okok


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