2 new ones

clear then stormy

Canvas: It’s not often that I start TWO new pictures in an afternoon. Today I have. Mind you- one of them is a picture painted over with something else, and the overpainted one transferred onto a new canvas. What fun.
The composition was all wrong on a square canvas, so it has the something-else on instead.

DivX: I received a complaint about using DivX to encode video files on my website today. It’s a real dilemma, balancing file-size against quality. DivX isn’t standard, it doesn’t come with Windows, but a lot of people do have it. The image quality is very good for most things, also the Stirling animation is a silent one which rules out windows .wmv format which has to have sound. On the other hand I have collected sound files that can be edited in to make that format possible. The same sounds will be included in the Whitley animation incidentally. That new one should have some animated characters on the ground too.
Whatever happens I hope it doesn’t irritate page visitors who want to view the animations. It’s going to be easier when I have more webspace available.
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  1. dawn says:

    Thank You :-))


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