Oil in waves

No cycling, not feeling very well this weekend.

Paint: Two pieces today- continuing a face and started waves breaking on a beach. They are based on photos taken in Wales last week. Incidentally, there has been a drowning from the same beach, two teenage lads were lost. the picture isn’t really meant as any kind of response to that, but it’s a co-incidence. I may change some elements in the picture as a result.
It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, but then this page is to work it out- the hope is that I will see a good bit and develop that further into a more complete picture.
You really have to understand how the waves move and the breaking process occurs. there are a lot of factors to consider when re-building it into paint- the waves colour comes from reflection, transparency ( brown sand, other waves, deep or shallow water), overlapping waves can be built up with lines painted with a nice soft pointed brush that has a wide heel. The brush can then produce lines that vary a lot with pressure. I used lots of oil mdeium to keep the colours flowing together too.
I suspect that some problems with the waves breaking can be sorted in another layer- at the moment it’s to wet to do that. the key is , as always- observation.

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