Cycling: 42 miles in stunning weather., 24°C.
Summer’s in the last phase- golden fields, but the trees are looking slightly caramelised. Hedgerows are laden with berries, blackberries are the tastiest & some roads take a long time to travel along. the ones at the top seem the nicest, more sun or fewer little hands/paws,  I don’t know.

Webdesign: more CSS shenanegans. It’s rather fiddly I have to admit! Setting up pages to use as templates seems like a good idea but then the layout changes when areas are marked-up as editable regions. Oh well, getting used to the idea now though, but Dreamweaver offers to link with a CSS editor. Now I’m curious- what is a css editor like to work with?
Here is a good site to get some ideas, w3schools. I learn’t a lot from these pages.

Me recovered from that enigmatic ill-feeling of the last few days- don’t know what that was all about.

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