17°C, wind, sun & rain

Uploaded the Whitley animation to the Yahoo group. No responses yet but they have been quiet recently. Note: for the future, they have a 3 meg limit on files, so they need to be cut up before uploading. It’s needs a good place to host such a file, my own web-space is getting rather full, unless Claranet want to offer me some more, webspace is cheap these days and their deal is not.
I have referred to an older project insome posts, and it comes around again. A guy from The Stirling Project is interested in having a clip on his site. This I will gladly do. It’s fun animating people on the ground acting as spectators. It feels as if I have only got half-way through Character Studio though. It’s a tricky descision choosing whether to use that or the native bones system in Max. Native bones are probably best for the sitting characters.
BTW: the oil painting has taken some dramatic steps today. the red juice is started. Not posting that for a few days thoug. Not tomorrow anyway, spending the day in Bristol.

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