Modelling in 3DS, this time it’s a Walrus . Like the last one ( Barracuda), it’s a model that was started ages ago & not finished. The thing I like about this one is the history of the plane it’s based on. It was made by Supermarine, the same people who made the Spitfire, except it’s a biplane, made of wood+canvas & the curious thing is- it was designed AFTER the Spitfire. Ok it was a warplane but used almost exclusively for rescuing RAF aircrew from the English Channel and the North Sea.


Got a new monitor, Dell 1130, 21" and in black. It’s dead sharp and I’m still setting up the colour- but so far it’s looking very promising. Seems there is no need to consider an LCD panel now.
The dogs have a new haircut, and as a result they are hyperactive now.=berzerk.

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