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47 on the 51st.

Fresh but mostly dry. 6~10°C, some showers on a fast moving wind. My head of dept. called me into her room this morning. Then her 6th form group burst out with ‘Happy ‘Birthday’. I stood there, feeling slightly awkward but … Continue reading

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New term, ride 1.

18°C, E3. Sunny. Tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 24.99mi, time: 01:31:54, pace: 3:41min/mi, speed: 16.31mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/715974499 Back to work, first ride home in this new term. Sitting all day in work does not help my tendon recover. This last two weeks … Continue reading

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15ºC heavy showers, I teach 17 groups which vary in size from 28 down to 12 kids. Most classes come in 16s. In all that makes 265 pupils, each of whom is supposed to receive one homework a week. For … Continue reading

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12°C, sun. At work, 11 year olds were issued with Gideon’s bibles today. They looked puzzled, though some said you can use them to help with problems in life. There is a sort of key in the front where problems … Continue reading

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Cold, come out!

12°C westerly. It’s touch & go whether I can ride in when I feel like this. Can your immune system fight a cold in the background or does it have to blow out with a full snotty headcold? Maybe an … Continue reading

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