15ºC heavy showers,
I teach 17 groups which vary in size from 28 down to 12 kids. Most classes come in 16s. In all that makes 265 pupils, each of whom is supposed to receive one homework a week. For me, that makes fifty pieces to mark each day. That doesn’t count half-term projects that also need a grade, comment and associated paperwork. Every pupil is supposed to receive personalized learning, special needs for many and I am expected to know them all by name. Any advice?

It can’t be done can it?.

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12°C, sun.
At work, 11 year olds were issued with Gideon’s bibles today. They looked puzzled, though some said you can use them to help with problems in life. There is a sort of key in the front where problems are listed giving passages to read.
My problem was- can they go into the recycling bin, or should we drop them in the normal land-fill rubbish? It hangs on whether the cover is real leather.
Later: After work was filled with trying to use Excel to decrypt a text string. A nice problem to work on. I didn’t know enough about arithmetic progressions to write the formulae quickly. A good problem to try, I like the feeling when puzzling over things like that.