Absurdly wet

16ºC, heavy rain.
Will this ever end? The world will be washed away eventually. I blame the comets, they brought it all here originally during the second heavy bombardment.
This weather causes steamed up glasses when I stop at traffic  lights, or out hiking it makes map-reading difficult. Maybe I should just have laser eye-surgery and have nothing to complain about.
Rainfall like this is said to continue all week. My needs are simple.

Posted on my phone.

Winter marches on.

4°C, grey,
Drawing on: snow forecast for tomorrow, winter is stubborn this year. Yes, we have been spoilt by a string of early springs. Nearly Easter, but the magnolia is nowhere near in bloom.
Temperatures have topped 4°C over this last few weeks. At least I can ride to work, the ice is relatively minor.

Heavy Snow says the Met office. Winds will average 15 mph, so some drifting likely.

Back to back.

7°C, sunshine.
The Doc says I probably have a second cold straight after the first. Unlucky, but not a serious worry. Presumably, there is no reason that you couldn’t be infected with two colds at once.
Snow is on its way, though it may not fall here. The Mirror paper predicts -15C and blizzards, though view predict that every time the temperature dips a little. Nobody believes them any more. Well, no-one worth mentioning does.

City Station

At night it does rain.

9ºC, rain
No ride to work, the fault lies with a sore throat not the weather. The rain prefers to fall mostly in the dark this week. Darkness is much longer lasting this month. No  daylight until 7.44 and it’s good again before 18.20, that’s all.


Erroneous weather

12°C, rain

The Weather was correct last year- early June days reached 24°C, and summer half-term saw me wading into a mountain lake for a paddle while walking up Nantlle Ridge. This year, the air is cool & rain has formed a strip across England & Wales. This is not the correct weather for June.  Weather sometimes errs.

To avoid this cold front, I may camp up in the Lake District instead of (my preferred) Snowdonia. Bank holiday weekend in the lakes is likely to be busy with English visitors. Getting away from this town is more urgent than usual this year. The local Bower fair has driven me away for the last six years at some cost. But to compound the repellance, England has gone Jubilee mad. Wales is probably a better escape from kitsch royal patriotism than Cumbria. I bet there is some daft sod with union-flag bunting on their tent as I write. Not so in a Welsh campsite I predict.

Don’t like February

7°C, rain

Don’t like February, especially when it happens in May. Top temperature today, 7° which rose from a startling 6° this morning. Feb has returned four months on, it would appear. Since I had little teaching to do, I strode into town and bought socks. Stripy socks are back on the shelves so I got a bundle of 7 (pairs). That’s how exciting my day has been, oh and played with Scratch for an hour or so.

Scratch was quite engrossing I have to admit. I’m teaching it very soon, so ought to.

Time for a nap, I did get up before 5am today (before you say anything).