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December ride.

5°C, getting windy, clear and cold. CA-34 miles. MapMyRide! Distance: 23.98mi, time: 01:39:18, speed: 14.5mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/441808821 Glints in the December gloom; each morning there is a fine sunrise over my left shoulder as I ride to work. Evenings, an extended … Continue reading

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-3.5°C, clear + hard frost. Always the hardest week, next week we stop for Christmas. Sudden temperature drop, a throaty cold and regular exhaustion. I feel the cold more when I haven’t ridden. Shame the conditions are possible, the virus … Continue reading

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Is it happening again?

8°C, clear Jupiter and Venus blaze in the evening skies recently. They’re near to conjunction and are still striking to anyone who looks westwards. I have a sticky throat. I shall be so annoyed of this develops into another cold. … Continue reading

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