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America is in shark this morning

  3°C, gloaming with stay grey   Whitney Housten died last night.  

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Is it all over?

6°C, clear and starry (including Venus) Is this trial over yet? Woke up to hear that US voding is complete. There were only two cannidates, they got the same number of votes but somehow Wilhard lost by a wide margin. … Continue reading

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11th Sept. 2001+10

18C, The media haas been full of 9/11 ten years on stories this week. I expected to really hate all of this, but as it happens, there have been some moving personal accounts. Opinions varied hugely on questions like “is … Continue reading

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15°C, clear. Am I the only one uncomfortable with this story? An unarmed suspect is shot by USA forces on a raid in a foreign country that wasn’t aware of it happening. The press is full of gleeful relatives of … Continue reading

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