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Imperial century.

19°C, grey, some drizzle, e wind. Long Ride! Distance: 101.72mi, time: 06:36:19, pace: 3:54min/mi, speed: 15.40mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/333764455 Finally done a 100 mile bicycle  ride. I took a steady pace right from the start and had two cafe stops. There was … Continue reading

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This time last year…

10°C, rain This time last year I camped in the Rhinogydd range. This year it’s unlikely that I will camp during this Easter break. A week of rain, sun and heavy showers is forecast. This morning I took Rosie to the … Continue reading

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After work ride

Windy & cooler, CR:25 miles Rode after work today, the shower has been cleaned of legionnaires, but is has to be tested before I am allowed to use it. Early evening light is fading fast now it’s September, but at … Continue reading

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mid-break jangles

19°C, light cloud. CR:26 miles Mid summer holiday causes a strange feeling. It really does take three weeks to recover fully so that now I have to carefully harness the physical energy that’s liberated. Perhaps soon a trip to the … Continue reading

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