Magic telebox

2°C, dry but cloudy (getting warmer, huzzah!).

Over-run by remotes from new gadgets. I only intended to buy a Blu-ray player so I can watch my latest video rental. That first part failed with me feeling annoyed with Argos for mis-labelling the player. I wanted a player with built-in wireless which can then show BBC’s iPlayer on the TV. The catalogue was labelled as such but once I got it home and looked it wasn’t. For that model, you have to buy a USB dongle, otherwise no wireless. This was annoying because the Argos woman said I can’t return this unless it’s faulty. Anyway, they found an alternative, a Sony device with wireless built-in. But…

Behind the counter was a range of ex-display stuff including a FreeSat box that I intended to buy with next month’s salary. At half-price, I took it.

Good things: the best is the picture quality. Not so much the extra resolution, but far more convincing colour and tonal depth than the previous white sky box. the sound is better too. The set-top box will record from TV from next week’s schedule, setting is just too easy.

That draining cold is receding this week. It had better take my cough with it.

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Which TV?

4°C, rain.

I want a new TV. the one I have drives me nuts- there is a high pitched whining noise (even when the sound is muted)from my CRT set. New TVs are currently cheap, between £300 & £.silly, but the problem is choice. There are too many to choose from.

Plasma screen: heavy, good colour gamut, less contrast ratio very fast re-fresh rate.
LCD: cheapest option, light, sharp but poor flicker. Thicker screen, but the sound is better in the bigger box.
LED: (backlight is an array of LEDs), fast re-fresh rate is expensive, but sharp, bright and better gamut than LCD. Screen can be very thin, but once it’s set up, you won’t see that.
I can only hope I succeed in getting one today.

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Schiff beschmutzt

23°C;perfect again.

me the busy boy updating my own website, not enough time to write a full entry here. The css is really useful now, it integrates well with this site, even though there are a bunch of features that haven’t sunk in yet- especially <block> formatting.

Haven’t painted today anyway. However, the BBC are running a program on the BBCi
A picture of Britain. Worth seeing. They run a nice gallery of peoples photos on the TV, with short programs of advice and analysis on the subject of photography.

I’m off to play games now…