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Feed some goats.

13°C, dull and some slight drizzle. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 55.7mi, time: 03:28:15, pace: 3:44min/mi, speed: 16.1mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1028530015 A fairly ordinary ride on the Paddywagon. Start was late while I waited for some light rain to finish. The … Continue reading

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22C, milky close, rain to come. The most annoying punctures, more annoying than the other annoying punctures happen at home. This one hissed itself flat when I pulled the pump head off the value. The effort of flicking that lever … Continue reading

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Fixed the longest.

18C, N breeze, bright sun. I rode fixed- Distance: 72.17mi, time: 04:42:03, pace: 3:54min/mi, speed: 15.3mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/626397815 This is most likely my longest ride on a fixed gear bike. I sometimes claim that riding fixed is worth about 10% distance … Continue reading

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Long, slow and hot.

23C, still and sunny. Rode summer bike: Distance: 79.75mi, time: 05:23:29, pace: 4:03min/mi, speed: 14.8mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/617338239 Passed through Heather with a tall oily black column of smoke from the north. It looked as if it came from a farmyard near … Continue reading

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CK:Distance: 32.73mi, time: 02:01:37, pace: 3:43min/mi, speed: 16.15mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/36823944 I hoped to get weight down this summer so I can enjoy cycling more. 200lbs seemed a good number to aim for. Well, here I am, 198lbs. It won’t last though. … Continue reading

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Last card.

Today’s ride: CR-Distance: 55.32mi, time: 03:31:23, pace: 3:49min/mi, speed: 15.70mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/366243771 last week of the holiday and a mountain of marking looms. England’s weather did a grand job of welcoming us back from the med. Temperatures reached 24C, even higher … Continue reading

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Short sharp hike.

I walked Distance: 2.20mi, time: 01:27:56, speed: 1.50mi/h. http://mapmyhike.com/workout/363026325 Dry and dusty in comparison to last time I walked this way. Even the dried out thistles were gone.

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21°C, thunderstorms, Woke early to the sound of thunder, later came the downpour to beat all. Arrow ride tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 42.79mi, time: 02:42:39, pace: 3:48min/mi, speed: 15.78mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/335549677 I went out on the Arrow after the rain fearing … Continue reading

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27°C, milky start. I feel loss- the dog’s favourite field hat been cut. The grasses have turned to seed and well. But those spectacular thistles are wiped out too, just as they reached flowering. Shame, because I enjoyed their magnificent … Continue reading

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27°C, clear but muggy. I’d enjoy cycling more if I were to loose some weight. Currently 14st 9lbs but I feel a bit squidgy round the waist. If I take off 5lbs that makes a round 200lbs,  a good figure … Continue reading

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