Boots on the ground.

-1°C, Clear sky, snow on the ground.
Work: we are taking a whole yeargroup to the park for DofE training. The cold will be a problem for some.


Some kids were well equipped, walking boots, a hat and decent coat. Some in chunky boots did however, wear ankle-socks with them. They give with one hand and take away with the other. Sigh.

Winter marches on.

4°C, grey,
Drawing on: snow forecast for tomorrow, winter is stubborn this year. Yes, we have been spoilt by a string of early springs. Nearly Easter, but the magnolia is nowhere near in bloom.
Temperatures have topped 4°C over this last few weeks. At least I can ride to work, the ice is relatively minor.

Heavy Snow says the Met office. Winds will average 15 mph, so some drifting likely.

4 below

-1°C & dropping.

The night will warm a little towards dawn. It’s dry out there so a ride in tomorrow could be done. Bitterly cold yes, but there is no water to freeze in this high pressure atmosphere. Rain is coming down the Northern Approaches in a few days. The ‘S’ word was mentioned in forecasts by the weekend. I will prepare the bike now.