Tried too much?

19C, showers, some heavy.
Break camp at Oban and head towards Glen Coe. The road along Glen Orchy is single-track through Caledonian temperate rainforest. Each tree is decorated with feathery lichens, any rocks were coated in thick velvety moss. These places are rare now, but still, the magic is there.

I was looking for a hike, the rain wasn’t so bad, more drizzle by now. But I failed after making friends with some pigs. So, drove on to The Bridge Of Orchy and decided on the climb on the opposite side- Beinn Dorian. At 1076m, it is about the same height as Snowdon. The top was in cloud and so was the approach along a ridge. It’s a shame because the view would get been stunning.


You have to watch out for the false summit. The real one is at the second cairn.
Rain has been the big problem today, I took the tent down is rain and later, put it back up in an even heavier downpour, and it was dark.
Everything ran too late today, I got back to the car at about 8.45.
That screwed the plan to have a pub meal near the campsite, view stopped serving at 9.00.
So I cooked in rain too.

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Planning Suilvan

Bought a map of Assynt in the far north west Scotland. In the contours and other symbols, there promises a strange landscape with that one steep hump dominating.
The remoteness means a long walk in, probably totalling 25 miles for the day.

At least this week’s walk in the Carneddeau proves that my stamina is adequate.
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20°C, clearing

Mid holiday has a definite feeling. Work is still a long way off, physically and mentally recovered and looking forward to adventures. I’ve been on two already- both involved camping of one sort or another. Now, I’m looking north to Scotland.

I feel truly alive, which is a slight on work isn’t it? I can listen to music and be moved in a way that evaded me a month ago. Yesterday, I read a Spike Milligan book. His writing has that evocative mix of irony, wit and innocent sadness that had me doubled up in uncontrollable hysterics. Reading out a quote from the book was just impossible. I finished the book thinking the same thing on finishing Douglas Adams– I wish I could write like that.

Anyway, I feel restless. I have plenty of energy and lots of exercise is the only solution to that. Well, maybe not the only  one; many people use alcohol. There’s a miserable solution that is of no use to me.


16°C, rain

Three months of rain. The met-office say it’s the Jetstream running unusually far south this summer. Normally it flows north west of Scotland and sends to occasional storm down the northern approaches. This year it’s overhead. For those who don’t know, I ought to explain what this Jetstream is- think of a giant hosepipe in the stratosphere that is gushing water over our little island archipelago.
An image worthy of an animated visualisation don’t you think.

mid-break jangles

19°C, light cloud. CR:26 miles

Mid summer holiday causes a strange feeling. It really does take three weeks to recover fully so that now I have to carefully harness the physical energy that’s liberated. Perhaps soon a trip to the Scottish highlands. With time running out, I have to worry that I’m using this time wisely. The decorating is underway, I like the colours I have chosen and the first layers are showing the effect. I want to use the multi-surface reflections which give richer colours in areas like corners and alcoves. The trick is to use several colours that are very similar. The bounced light takes on the surface colour before illuminating adjacent walls. It works a treat!