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Tin Wifi booster.

22C, soft breeze, sun. Mid-summer’s day: a day of rest and fixing stuff about the house. Take time out with a cup of tea and watch YouTube. Found by chance, a video claiming to cleverly fix Wifi reception problems. I … Continue reading

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Router (dsl-g624m) dropouts

9°C, calm & grey. Still ill as the line in the Smiths song goes, but I’m bored with talking about it. My router is probably the cause of poor internet connections at home. The latest stage in this sorry, tedious … Continue reading

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Calamity day

12°C, light cloud On this day, things went wrong. Firstly, my modem/wireless router has partly failed. There is no response from it via the network cable link that my desktop PC uses. Wireless internet access still works, but if any … Continue reading

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