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Angry in an Audi.

After snow, 2°C, clear with moderate N breeze. I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 32.50km, time: 01:37:00, pace: 2:59min/km, speed: 20.10km/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/2698143748 A short outing after the snow finished. None of it stuck anyway. The first mile goes north along … Continue reading

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I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 11.51mi, time: 47:27, pace: 4:07min/mi, speed: 14.56mi/h. Slow. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1218989531 Mediocre ride with the energy sapping virus’s return the culprit. 12 days feeling ill, some at home. On a return to health, pent up energy … Continue reading

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Twice, in one day.

Thu. 19°C, SW4, sunny. Nice day. Why, on a nice day do some blokes lose their temper while driving? My journey started with one and ended with another. Near home, I pulled out onto a road where visibility was blocked … Continue reading

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Angry green van.

CK- Distance: 44.37mi, time: 02:57:05, speed: 15.03mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/452001445 Wet roads; overnight rain has washed off problem mud, so the roads were good today. Southport has advanced stop lines (for bikes). The first one, on the southern approach to Southport has … Continue reading

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Be more happier!

9C, light wind,rain till hometime. CA-16 miles. Dark lanes route. Started with an amusing incident. Crossing a junction, the car opposite pulled forward at the same time. But, he turned right, in front of me. I called out “Indicate!” then … Continue reading

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Rage road.

+4°C, clear icy strong wind. Not safe to ride this morning- black ice covers more than usual today- roads as well as pavements. Not safe to drive either, look… Near home there is a tee-junction with a roundabout for left … Continue reading

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Hospital Food

0~4°C, clear, calm. First ice: just runoff from fields, so I walked a few short stretches this morning. As I rode in, the moon set in the north west. The self-same moon rose on the way home. I wondered about … Continue reading

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4°C, FOG, thick too. Suddenly wake from a dream: I am driving anxiously toward a petrol station, the fuel gauge needle is on “E” hard. Rolling uphill towards the yellow sign of a Shell garage, the road opens into two … Continue reading

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Murder, rain and rage.

15°C, rain. Unsettling: I rode passed a murder scene on the way to work this morning. The Police had closed the road, set up a cordon and a canvas tent stood ominously over a garden. Clearly, something dreadful had happened. … Continue reading

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