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Cross thread.

11°C light rain under grey sky. It should have been a simple job. For a few weeks a cracking noise came from the Arrow’s bottom bracket. This has happened before when warm weather started. It’s as if the warmer, expanded … Continue reading

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Touring wheels.

-2°C, Clear sky, light NW breeze. Cold commute tomorrow. Fitted the new rear wheel for the ride. Very low temperatures are forecast all week. Bitter. Here is another photo from Sunday’s outing on the cyclocross bike. Here, I am riding … Continue reading

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Deore wheels.

Light snow, 2°C, North wind 12, You have to trust your wheels. The rim years the most and that’s where failure is most likely. The braking surface becomes thin with years of braking. Once thin, the surface can fracture- I … Continue reading

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Poorly LP12

My Linn Sondek can barely turn the platter. The motor has very little torque. They are two phase 12v as far as I know. My guess is that one channel has failed on the Valhalla board or the motor itself. … Continue reading

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Coastal ride, with punctures.

9C, light SSW, dry, fine day. Ride- CK: Distance: 40.60mi, time: 02:32:34, pace: 3:45min/mi, speed: 15.97mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/487826633 That didn’t go as planned! Decided on a coast ride, along the sea-front at Southport. Near Formby, the first puncture was dramatic, loud … Continue reading

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How do I fix this?

5°C, heavy non-stop rain. Repair: my phone line is often very poor, the crackle & hiss is so loud that I can’t hear what people are saying and it often cuts off my ADSL internet connection. Okay, but it costs … Continue reading

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