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A fixie and bagpipes.

8°C, brightening up with increasing SW wind. 1, The birds were lively today. I heard curlews, lapwings and another strange one. The latter’s sound carried a very long way but eventually I got there. A guy stopped his van and … Continue reading

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Punctured night.

5°C, light NE, no rain but damp roads. I rode mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.82km, time: 01:38:33, pace: 3:40min/km, speed: 16.33km/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1891190354 It’s not always obvious what to do when you notice the first signs of a puncture. If it’s dark … Continue reading

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It started well…

I rode The Jake CX with MapMyRide+! Distance: 10.39mi, time: 01:46:36, pace: 10:16min/mi, speed: 5.85mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1371496079 Cold and deep mud, only once did I stop to run around the mud patches. The others, I powered though. Not once did I … Continue reading

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Walk the bike.

6°C, light NW. Rain to start and clear later. Commute with MapMyRide+! Distance: 14.99mi, time: 01:48:39, pace: 7:15min/mi, speed: 8.28mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1254815419 Set out in rain but full of energy. At 9 miles front tyre lost pressure on an awkward stretch … Continue reading

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Green blood.

12°C, moderate W wind. Sunny and dry. I rode Jake cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 38.4mi, time: 03:00:16, pace: 4:41min/mi, speed: 12.8mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/1006508127 It was  chilly early start this morning, and of course, the roads were very quiet. Good conditions even … Continue reading

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0.8 miles: POP!

17°C, milky sun and no wind. Started out on the Jake with the commuting wheels fitted. They have Schwalbe Durano tyres for the fast but puncture resistance. Less than a mile out a sharp high pop rang out. Instantly the … Continue reading

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Dense fog.

4°C, dense fog, no ice. Rode CX with MapMyRide+! Distance: 38.9mi, time: 03:32:00, pace: 5:27min/mi, speed: 11.0mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/869121807 Horrible day for a road ride. Dense milky fog and cold. On the route to the canal start I crossed a few … Continue reading

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Ice, rain and a puncture.

I rode 8-speed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 38.5mi, time: 02:47:50, pace: 4:2min/mi, speed: 13.8mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/846930091 It started well. The ice was insignificant and the sun-bright. In the last 10 miles, clouds built up and the temperature dropped. I didn’t mind the … Continue reading

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Ten mile puncture.

I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 57.29mi, time: 03:59:47, pace: 4:11min/mi, speed: 14.33mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/802155773 Marred by a slow puncture for the last ten miles. In Parbold, the type started a swishing sound. I didn’t even realise what caused it, even … Continue reading

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22C, milky close, rain to come. The most annoying punctures, more annoying than the other annoying punctures happen at home. This one hissed itself flat when I pulled the pump head off the value. The effort of flicking that lever … Continue reading

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