Something in the water is watching.

12°C, sun and light rain.

Something in this pond is watching. There were two ripples from their dive for cover as I approached. Yesterday there was a glassy eye, a frog I think. Actually, two.
That’s great for such a small garden pond.

From the bottom of my garden, I see space for essentials like a compostheap and a larger pond. The Electric fountain can go though.

Fish in the sink.

Dream of fish. Washing up after the lodger had a dinner party, I found some small fish in the warm washing up water, in with the bubbles. There was also a larger one, floating on its side.
Quick decision, put them in the garden pond.
As often with dreams, there followed some confusion with various other fish. I put them in a bucket to carry out, but one big fish, perhaps a pike, jumped out at me then plunged back into the same bucket.
Eventually, I got the bucket out to the ponds, by now my little pond had four sections. I emptied the bucket into one of these only to see another extraordinary sight. A marlin type grabbed itself a meal in its beak like mouth.
I don’t often remember dreams, especially one as odd as this.

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Frog’s Porn

19°C, endless blue

I have a bucket of Frog Spawn from a colleague who brought it into work. You have to admire my ability to drive home with a bucket of water+ this spawn jelly stuff without spilling any. My pond will have fulfilled its destiny if they thrive into adulthood. There has been no algal bloom this year, good for the tadpoles. Perhaps a sign of good health in that little body of water.

This is a time of year that your aesthetic sensibility breaks out as if to desperately demand time in your mind. There is much work overload to block it out. I drove home listening to an Aria by Handel. The shapes made by that pure voice were delicious. Traffic was bad enough for some time watching a magpie hopping along a roofline in a manner like a weightless astronaut.

I need a holiday from work. the last one was demolished by the influenza. I felt cheated. Continue reading

Pond life

16°C, Sun.

The pond is now populated with some plants, But the water is cloudy with algae now. I’m holding out for the plants having the effect of clearing the water. There are animals in there that depend on it, including leeches!

Look out the doorway

I have a pond

20C, cloudy, but more torrents are a coming.

Filled it up this afternoon. The rim is not exactly level, so I will have to hide the edges with plants. It needs to stand for a few weeks now before introducing water-plants. That gives enough time to tinker with the edges of the waterproof liner. It’s probably too late for the spawning season.

Pond hole

16°C, clear blue

The hole is finally dug, shaped, measured and levelled. It has liner underlay and awaits the liner itself now. By the time that was all done, I was too tired to start the delicate work of placing the liner in measured amounts and adding water, in measured amounts. Actually, there isn’t that much water about right now. We’ve only had a few days rain in the last month and none is forecast. Can I use tap water?