Of mice and a man

14°C, windy with sun

Could it be that I don’t, as previously thought, live alone? Could it be that these tiny pellets that I have found behind the fridge are left by visitors? Could it be that these visitors take the dog biscuits behind the fridge- where the dogs can’t possible get to, or put them? Do they go there just to eat the biscuits?

If that were so, those visitors could be mice. there certainly is a mousey smell there, or was until I washed it off with bleach. Mice that like dog biscuits enough to come into my house. There’s a thought.

Ol’ Bessie

18°C, strong W, thick cloud.

Old Bessie is not well. She’s curled up now and relaxed but is very unsteady on her feet this evening. She had a bit of a turn earlier, she staggered into the living room and could barely stand. Her head seems tilted to one side slightly. Thinking back, she wasn’t too agile this morning on her early walk either. I don’t know whether she’ll get through this winter. The vet says she is 13 years & 11 months. She has an appointment in the morning to keep.  An old dog that has me worried.