Van Dyke

6C Cooling.
The Culture Show: did a charming programme about a painting found via the BBC’s yourpaintings website.


Okay, it looked quite horrible before via restoration, but as they cleaned it, the glowing skill and finesse did actually show through. The guy who owned it was reserved and stoic throughout, but the feeling was vivid. I was reminded of my own personal relationship with a picture held in the City Gallery in Birmingham. Henry Fantin-Latour’s portrait of his wife reading. I always in to visit that picture when in Birmingham. It’s a sentimental friendship I have with the painting. I go all wistful and a bit soft in the eyes when I get there. It’s a great shame that I can’t get a print of it to treasure at home.
I’ll have to break in and steal it.


Linseed oil, and No.2 & 4 Dalon pencil-brush

Gone mad on detail today. Spoonhead has wrinkles, creases, eyelashes and brows. The colours are more solid around the shadow/light border- isn’t that called the terminator?

Only stopped because daylight ran out, and artificial light just doesn’t allow accurate enough colour. Perhaps I can post a photo tomorrow. But for now I can wallow in that feeling of satisfaction. That is often tinged with doubt because of the number of times I have pulled a painting off the shelf in the morning only to see a hundred & one things that need adjusting.

Getting late now so it’s time to go and sink a ship.