Robotic Cicadas

9°C, calm.
03.30, sounds of the city waking filter into my room. A distant train, nearer a car starts and stocks away into the night. But a strange constant leaks through during the rather passages. A higher note that leaks out between, one that pulsates like a cicada but is clearly mechanical.
Maybe later this term I can get my sleeping habits into order. Perhaps bed down later and don’t wake so wide alert at 3.

Sound in the dead of night

9°C. Quiet.
Early morning, in the share change of sleep. It’s not quite silent- there is a man-made sound. A high pitched modulated note like a spinning metal wheel. Most probably a distant siren, its note wavering and reflecting from buildings on its journey to my ears.
Like so many nights, I probably need a banana & to read for a while.