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Saturday vinyl.

14°C, rain clearing later. Vinyl. This Mortal Coil: It Will End In Tears. Saturday morning music time. Seems like the best time for vinyl for me. The album sounds a bit dated to be honest, but it did lead me … Continue reading

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15°C, wet morning, sun afternoon. Shorts weather. CD, Skyphone– I confess, at the start, that I don’t really know how to review a CD. So all I can do, is make a recommendation. Currently, there only exist two CDs from … Continue reading

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Urgent tottering

15°C, sun The olympic torch procession thing passed through town today, I think. there was a nucleus of noise and crowds which is calming down now. I was out with the dog and could hear music, horns, pea-whistles and amplified … Continue reading

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Harold Budd/The Necks

10ºC, dry, getting windy Gig in Stan’s Cafe Birmingham, – both ambient music, in an interesting venue- a metal pressing factory conversion in the Jewelery Quater, Birmingham. There wasn’t a great deal of conversion made to the buliding, it was clean … Continue reading

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Child sexualisation

19°C, clear. Comfortable. Children are growing up too early. The news story of the season this year: The chattering classes are upset about media forces on young children, padded bras for under 11s, hip-thrusting semi-nude dancing on popular music shows, … Continue reading

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