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Emergent day.

8°C, few showers, sun, no cycling. Recovery: a week of undefined illness has sapped most of my energy. Now it’s lifting I can’t feel the cold, and yes I know the air has dipped below 5C. So, I spent the … Continue reading

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Peleliu layered

19°C, showers later. Peleliu looks much better in FSX. The island, like most in the Pacific is built on a seamount (a volcano), with some jungle and edged with coral reefs. Waves actually break offshore over the reefs and not … Continue reading

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18°C, wind & sunny bits Ill and off work but after a monster sleep, you find me feeling better. Making Scenery for FSX like old times. The default land texture for Peleliu in the Pacific is a joke. It should … Continue reading

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late wet

14°C, rain which arrived late. This is a day off work, blame backache. At one stage I had to lift my legs out of bed. These things make you feel rotten, it’s the kind of thing old folks supposedly experience. … Continue reading

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Smolensk for FSX

10°C, calm, clear but chilly. First vapour trails lace the sky again, it’s been six days and the media are rambling on conspiracy theories. FSX: back into making addons for FSX (the flight sim). After Poland’s disaster last week, I … Continue reading

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Uploaded scenery for FSX

18°C, Changable, mosrly bright FSX scenery: Uploaded the River Angara file tonight. Thus: River Angara, Siberia Scenery for FSX: to replace a 380 miles section of this major river that drains from Lake Baikal in Siberia to the North. From  … Continue reading

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