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Counting games.

6°C, clear,still. Commuting is mostly dull. So, I pass the time standing in traffic making up counting games. Today, I counted the cars driving with only one headlight. Coming back from Walsall, there were 14 seen in the first 3 … Continue reading

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Weekend’s ambitions.

9°C, clear and still. Extended 18 miles after work, the lights held with no fade. There is some encouragement to add more. Next week, add another 5 miles. I may get brighter secondary lights this weekend anyway. It’s Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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16°C, fog, very damp. Ikea- lights are more and more LEDs. I picked up two of these for the kitchen. They are spot-lights to illuminate the cooler and the sink. This is very mundane and domestic, but I am very … Continue reading

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What the end of the world looks like…

18°C, torrential rain followed by nice sun 10am the sky darkened, so dark it looked like 5pm on a late November evening. The difference was, there were no streetlights to cast a dull orange glow onto the undersides of clouds. … Continue reading

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