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Easter chills.

8°C, strong NW with heavy rain pm. Scratch plans: no cycling, camping, nor hiking. The weather is terrible and I am full of cold. Even cutting some planks for the fire, I was left exhausted. So otherwise, I  can’t do … Continue reading

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Back to back.

7°C, sunshine. The Doc says I probably have a second cold straight after the first. Unlucky, but not a serious worry. Presumably, there is no reason that you couldn’t be infected with two colds at once. Snow is on its … Continue reading

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7°C windy, showers. Not again: less than a week after the last cold, I get the next one. This is all sore throat and malaise with a bostin’ headache. This is where the best laid plans run aground: I could … Continue reading

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Emergent day.

8°C, few showers, sun, no cycling. Recovery: a week of undefined illness has sapped most of my energy. Now it’s lifting I can’t feel the cold, and yes I know the air has dipped below 5C. So, I spent the … Continue reading

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