Clearing John’s effects.

5°C clear light N, chilly.
I missed the funeral but went along to help clear John’s things. Today, all we needed to do was identify what could be kept, sold or disposed of. Stuff will go to jeweller’s, eBay and into our houses.
John was an engineer by trade. He started his career in maintaining Sunderland flying boats. There are dozens of pictures, models and books about that aircraft. Similarly the other passion of his, two Velocette motorbikes. Again, models in display cabinets, magazines and books in every room.
The motorbikes are in beautiful condition and only need a bit of pressure in the tyres. I couldn’t find the pump amongst all the tools however.
Those tools were amazing by themselves, Tig welder, lathes, drill stands and intricate pieces like tap and die sets. That workshop was very cramped. No doubt, John was expert in their use. He wired his own house, a natural thing to do if that’s how your mind works.

In a drawer was this object. It’s probably his apprentice piece. If would have made this when about 19 or 20 years old. That puts it shortly after WWII.


Apprentice piece.

It probably used a compressed air feed to drive it like one of those working model steam engines.
I had one when I was a lad. It vanished when we moved house and still, to this day, I don’t know what happened to it.