Half term break.

12°C, SW breeze, dry, 4/5 cloud.
Feels like we just did a full term. Eight weeks. Eight week’s worth of tiredness, the feeling that a cold is coming on but you can’t be sure. I therefore, give myself permission to have a lazy day, I shall do nothing.

Earlier in the term, I decided to get a cyclo-cross bike to use as a commuter and winter Sunday side.
I gave the local shop an informal deadline – when the clocks change. That’s tomorrow!

I am no closer to buying a new bike. The Raleigh has fallen through, they are not importing the largest frame size. Back to the Kona then?

Week off.

14C, lighter wind.
I need a holiday. With a week off, this empty feeling should recede. A week is not enough to get everything done- domestic re-arrangements, hiking, visiting, (not least) marking.
Anyway, I have been to a wedding. Of society’s demands, this is my least favourite. No, I hate weddings, please don’t make me go to another.