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Half term break.

12°C, SW breeze, dry, 4/5 cloud. Feels like we just did a full term. Eight weeks. Eight week’s worth of tiredness, the feeling that a cold is coming on but you can’t be sure. I therefore, give myself permission to … Continue reading

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Suilven, the north approach.

Thur,16C, light wind and breaks in the cloud mostly midday. This very long day started at 9.30 with the three hour walkin through the Glencanisp estate. Most of the track is easy up to the turn. After, it’s very boggy … Continue reading

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Lille Ecosse

19C sunny, SW2. Arrived in Scotland, after a drive of 300 miles. The last 50 with a couple of young hitchhikers I picked up near Loch Lomond. They were delightful companions to share the journey with. Originally, they wanted Fort … Continue reading

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A week in the Algarve.

28C, sunny, west wind. Last day in Portugal. The flight is late so we will take our time and absorb the atmosphere. Martinhal is very plush, facilities are the best and four swimming pools was the least of it. I … Continue reading

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Cork woodland.

27C brisk NW sea breeze. Bright sun. Hired bike: rode MapMyRide! Distance: 50.04mi, time: 03:31:11, pace: 4:13min/mi, speed: 14.22mi/h. http://mapmyride.com/workout/665367287 Great ride in the Algarve nature reserve. The main feature was a long twisting ascent up to the wind farm. … Continue reading

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That was the holiday that was.

17°C max. white cloud. straight to the point, That was the best holiday had for years. Three excursions- Wales, Scotland and Corsica. All involved hiking, or other exercise. I am now in super physical shape, have a deep tan and … Continue reading

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Short sharp hike.

I walked Distance: 2.20mi, time: 01:27:56, speed: 1.50mi/h. http://mapmyhike.com/workout/363026325 Dry and dusty in comparison to last time I walked this way. Even the dried out thistles were gone.

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GR20 recce

30C, clear, light ne. Visit the start of the GR20 on Corsica. Planning a potential hike on past of the main route. The paths appear clear and well marked. The heights are way above what I am used to- more … Continue reading

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Week off.

14C, lighter wind. I need a holiday. With a week off, this empty feeling should recede. A week is not enough to get everything done- domestic re-arrangements, hiking, visiting, (not least) marking. Anyway, I have been to a wedding. Of … Continue reading

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Gwynant morning.

-3°C, clear, calm. Coldest morning that I have ever woken to in a tent. The water bladder is a slush-puppy inside and the tap is frozen. I cleared it but it’s glazed over again now. However, it’s a dazzling beautiful … Continue reading

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