Back to life.

13°C, grey, warm and dry.
Those numerous symptoms are largely gone. Fizzy legs are back, mouth ulcers gone as has the malaise.
Which bike today?


Laurie Anderson, USA live.

Meanwhile, an LP plays in the background. Here is one I have not given a whirl for many years.
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Heavy head, but light heart

10°C, sunny.
It’s Saturday so it’s  headache day. The sun does shine, a week’s holiday lies ahead. No camping though, not much point when daylight is gone so early.
Spent the day planting bulbs. I will have forgotten where I put them by spring, let’s be surprised.
Some over-grown plants had to get cut back. I saw no Ivy, but there are itchy patches on my hands now. Do other plants contain the same chemical that makes ivy poisonous?