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9°C. Light rain. It’s Ash trees under threat this time. Rather like the Oaks, where an aggressive fungus was spread by a beetle, this one has airbourne spores to propogate. The fear this time is the scale, ash trees make … Continue reading

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House mushroom

10°C, cloudy (thin ones) Further to this autumn’s fungus theme on this blog, here is a surprise mushroom growing in my bathroom. That sounds grotty, it’s actually growing in the pot of a (so called) Dragon tree. The tree cost … Continue reading

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More fungal fun

12C, dry, light SSE wind Quite a dry week for November (the wettest month). These mushrooms were huge, found on a tree stump that had cris-cross cuts on the top. Was that done to ensure killing the stump by introducing … Continue reading

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Mushroom forest

12C, clear, NE light. CR:61 miles Mushrooms live rather well on roadside verges, this was an un-missable display, like clusters of eggs. And yes, I know they are not plants. Even on this small scale, you can see it’s a … Continue reading

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Make a survey for up to at least 15 people

9°C, showers, clammy You can work out what’s wrong with the title. Fine morning to unblock a stinking drain. The overspill left a layer of slimy mud below the window which must have been teeming with life. My guess is … Continue reading

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