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She has entered the building

11°C, rain A day for mortgage hunting. Important, necessary and will save over £7000 over the next decade, but ultimately boring. What else can you do on a wet autumn day at home. I have a slide-rule here on the … Continue reading

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A dog with cancer

13°C, lighter winds, some sun. CK:29 miles She’s been ill for a week or so now. A second vet can’t now find a lump, the first thought it quite large. Maybe now she is getting some treatment, her belly is … Continue reading

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Ol’ Bessie

18°C, strong W, thick cloud. Old Bessie is not well. She’s curled up now and relaxed but is very unsteady on her feet this evening. She had a bit of a turn earlier, she staggered into the living room and … Continue reading

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Dog guilt

18C, bright. Home, yesterday greeted me with a big splodgy mess on the kitchen floor. One or both the dogs pulled down a bag of bananas off the fruit bowl and ate the lot. Well, okay, they left the skins, … Continue reading

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