She has entered the building

11°C, rain

A day for mortgage hunting. Important, necessary and will save over £7000 over the next decade, but ultimately boring. What else can you do on a wet autumn day at home. I have a slide-rule here on the table.

Day’s best feature- Bessie is home, she seems well and was striding in a springy way round the vet’s when I walked in and she recognised me. she’s been there for four days now. It was sad to be here without the ol’ girl. We thought the worst was going to happen, but she is reinvigorated. Awww.

A dog with cancer

13°C, lighter winds, some sun. CK:29 miles

She’s been ill for a week or so now. A second vet can’t now find a lump, the first thought it quite large. Maybe now she is getting some treatment, her belly is fuller  that lump is obscured when feeling by hand. I haven’t done any such probing. she has (sorry for the grisly details) black diarrhoea which sounds like there’s blood in it. I hope that this hasn’t been triggered by us feeding her sausages, minced-meat and such. Dog food is quite bland, but the change could be the problem.

I have to face the fact that this may be her last winter. She is 13 years 11 months at the time of writing.

Ol’ Bessie

18°C, strong W, thick cloud.

Old Bessie is not well. She’s curled up now and relaxed but is very unsteady on her feet this evening. She had a bit of a turn earlier, she staggered into the living room and could barely stand. Her head seems tilted to one side slightly. Thinking back, she wasn’t too agile this morning on her early walk either. I don’t know whether she’ll get through this winter. The vet says she is 13 years & 11 months. She has an appointment in the morning to keep.  An old dog that has me worried.

Dog guilt

18C, bright.

Home, yesterday greeted me with a big splodgy mess on the kitchen floor. One or both the dogs pulled down a bag of bananas off the fruit bowl and ate the lot. Well, okay, they left the skins, but still… In a stern voice I ordered “come here”, Rosie came over while Bessie’s tail dipped between her legs and she walked outside. The body language said “guilt2 to me, which was frankly rather surprising. I can’t imagine the old dear getting up high enough to reach the bag. But still

Later, it turns out, Rosie’s face smelt of bananas, she had an upset stomach and needed to be let out twice in the night. So that confirms it- the dog who cheerfully came over the previous evening, wagging and interested was actually the villain of the day. Bessie’s performance was little more than that- an act. I’m still puzzling over her motive for that.

I have to remind myself as a pet owner, that they are at heart- scavengers and I keep two of them in my house. Seen that way, we should expect trouble every once in a while. It’s a bad mistake to expect human values even though they clearly do think. It’s the way they think that is puzzling me. But think they do.

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