9°C, white cloud, some wind

Frustration builds when there is no sign of healing. I relented in the end and went to the local GP. she said it’s true, i have the flu’. This is no heavy cold, it’s flu. So no more stupid jokes about manflu. A big part of me dislikes that variety of sexist putdown anyway. Just because it’s aimed at men, does not make it okay.

New book to read has arrived: Zona by Geoff Dyer.

If you’re ill below the neck- don’t ride!

-4 to +1°C
Every year I am troubled by the same decision- when should I start riding again after a cold. Every year I am hit by a two week common cold and left resenting the lost time.

There are a few sites that discuss this dilemma:


So the conclusion- If you’re ill below the neck- don’t ride!
Does that sound like a good slogan for a tee-shirt?

As ever, that’s not the only criterion, look at the outside temperature; last night -4°C. The air has been extremely dry, so dry that there was barely any frost this morning. There is a 200 yard sheet of black ice on the way to work though. It’s remarkable that no-one has crunched their car on that slope.

vestibular syndrome

17°C, sunny with building wind.

Bessie has been diagnosed with vestibular disease. It’s her inner ear that is at fault and it makes her feel vertigo, hence the nausea and poor balance. Some cure can occur after the injections that she’s had- antibiotics, anti-nausea & something else. If it’s part of a more general condition the outcome could be grim. We’ll know by tomorrow.