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ISON- a glimpse from England.

2°C,still, clear. Barely visible– even in 8×40 binoculars. Scan just up and right of Spica in Virgo, immediately before sunrise; in my case- 05.50. It was only a fleeting glimpse, with eyes slightly averted. Just a smudge. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from … Continue reading

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How many…

4°C, clearing. Light wind. How many comets have you seen today? I have only seen one. As if to repeat yesterday, I walked up to the Gazebo immediately at sunset to hunt with binoculars again. It took, maybe twenty minutes … Continue reading

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Comet hunt.

-2° ~ +4°C, strong NE. It was 12 years since Hale-Bopp and Halley’s was hidden by cloud. Rushed home to get out to a good viewpoint tonight. Comet Pann-starr is grazing the sun today and should show a decent tail … Continue reading

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