Is there a word for this?

10°C, light wind and some rain.
What is the word for the times when you clean out some empty bags from your locker and you find a pack of gorgeous chocolate?

This bar is a little known gem. Far better taste than equivalent bar from up-market shops. Here is one little pleasure that punctuates my day.

Chocolate loss

11°C, calm before a storm.

My local down-market supermarket seems to have stopped selling one of my favourite chocolate bars. That’s the second time we have had to endure such a loss in the past few years. Co-Op stopped one of their finest bars too. I have always enjoyed the treasure within a really dull piece of packaging- none of the mystique of the up-market bars in the promising exotic wrappers. Both bars could claim to be their shop’s best kept secret. Alas, real obscurity has swallowed them.